Gautham Santhosh

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👋 Hey

I am a Final year student at Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad for integrated M-Tech in Intelligent Systems. Originally from Mannanam, Kottayam, Kerala, India.

🎉 I love making Products

I love finding things in the intersection of Artifical Intelligence, Blockchain, Web and other new technologies to solve real world problems. Some of the products i made are Anna Assistant 🐘, Machine Learning Jobs List 👔, Pelican Facebook and Passerine.

🦇 Build things

I advocate in building more and more things fast, so as we can together build a better future via hit and trial. For this cause i organise hackathons ( Hack in the North and iiita hacks) and OpenSource events such as OpenCode.

News 🖊

I'm presently looking for job. 🔬

Going to pass out of college in a year. 💅

In progress learning blockchain 💸.

Products I Made 🎉


My New Years resolution is to write a blog each month 💪

All blogs are originally publised in Medium. 📝 🌟 These are few selected ones.